May 14, 2020

Mallorca Fashion Week

Mallorca Fashion Week was a one of a kind experience that happened in late 2019. Out of the blue, I was invited to come shoot it, what an awesome invitation to receive. We were lucky enough to be shooting with some pretty amazing brands and models who lent us their time.

We shot at a beautiful hotel called Palacio Can Marques in the heart of Palma. They hosted all the designers which included Neus Guillén, Ilaylit, Aina Mesqueda and Frederick Anderson. Every single designer brought their own ideas to the table and helped bring their ideas to life.

After spending all day at the hotel shooting, we then moved to the venue for the catwalk. It was an exciting time as the models were hustling and bustling backstage. Once the show started, I got onto the press stage and started shooting!

Being a fashion photographer is one of my favourite roles in my business. The absolute creativity from everyone involved is astonishing. It is also so amazing that 100s of people come to Spain to see these pieces and appreciate them. I gotta love Fashion Week!