October 9, 2020

Traditional Swiss Wedding in Mallorca

This wedding last year was certainly one to remember. The Swiss have a very specific wedding culture which at first may feel formal, but ends in lots of children’s game and giggles! The ceremony and reception was help at a private finca in the centre of Mallorca. All the friends and family flew in from Switzerland and were looking forward to seeing the couple finally tie the knot!

After the ceremony, I noticed a large abundance of cats living on the property which became a huge party of the reception. They hung out on the guests laps and waited for some appetisers to fall on the ground! After the dinner, then began some traditions that I have never seen in my whole career of being a photographer. Swiss tradition promotes playing kinder garden games such as Musical Chairs on your wedding night. After hours of funny traditions, it was time to dance and enjoy the moonlight!


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